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Cougar Boots

Get into the outdoors

Canadians know a lot “aboot” winter, for sure. They know that snow is not an excuse to stay home. For more than 60 years Cougar has been making and perfecting winter footwear. Fierce naturists, they make foot wear designed to keep you outside year round. Temperature rated insulation keeps you comfortable while you stay active, and a removable, breathable lining keeps your feet from sweating and can be removed for cleaning.

Every boot and shoe is guaranteed to be waterproof, so go ahead, wade that puddle, slosh through the slush, trek the mud—your feet will stay dry. All of their boots are designed for easy cleaning. Just wipe clean and you are ready to go.

From Minnesota winters to Mississippi swamps, we at TheShops.TV love Cougar footwear. Not only are they functional, they are fashionable and dare I say, “So, darn cute.” You’ll find yourself wanting several styles and wishing for inclement weather to wear them.

Cougar Boots

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