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Dave King

dave king

Dave King Unplugged Favorite Acting Moment
My passions
My passions are my kids, movies, living at the beach, cars, and all things electronic. For me, the beach and the movies have a great deal in common - they both transport me to another place and time... peaceful, uninterrupted, mini vacations. With cars and electronics - I love the changes, styles, sleekness, improvements, and so much more. And my kids are, well, everything!
Best vacation
My best vacation was to Cabo San Lucas. The resort - Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort - is simply beyond words. I highly recommend it!
Dream vacation
Italy! The beauty, the art, the history, the people, the food... EVERYTHING! Not to mention Ferrari and Lamborghini!!
My pets
Jenny and I just adopted a rescue dog. His name is Kai and he is FABULOUS!! He is chock full of love, energy and fun. Great size - about 55 lbs - and delightful disposition. He is a pit mix and could not be more affectionate or gentle.
Fondest pet memory
Wow.... there are far too many to pick just one, but one of my favorite memories is about a dog I had years ago - Chelsea the Airedale Terrier. Whenever we would play hard, or had a great deal of fun, Chelsea would actually "smile!" She would literally curl the corners of her mouth, and smile! I often think of that incredible feat - she was truly extraordinary... Chelsea the smiling dog.
Hobbies - How I decompress
Jenny and I are very active, and the majority of those activities are beach oriented. My favorite way to decompress is to take a long walk along the beach. Here in Manhattan Beach, there is an area called "the Strand," that runs parallel to the beach. My absolute favorite thing to do is run, walk or ride our bikes on the Strand. INSTANT decompression. It's awe-inspiring!
Favorite books
All things Grisham. I have everyone of them in hardcover.
Favorite movies
The Godfather 1&2, Forrest Gump, The Natural, The Green Mile, Laura (film noir), On The Waterfront, and Love Actually.
If I could have dinner with anyone…
It would be a joint dinner with Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks. I so admire their talent, but, more importantly, how they have managed to maintain a "normal life" for themselves and their families.
My favorite quote
"If you believe it, you can achieve it!" I
f I’m ever on the Red Carpet, I’ll wear...
Armani. Period. His style is sophisticated without being stuffy, and his designs work well on my frame.
My greatest challenge
Dealing with the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes for my daughter, Demi. As a divorced father, 2000 miles away, it was more than devastating for all involved. But she has done INCREDIBLY well - she is such a star! Because I couldn't be there on a daily basis, I joined JDRF - The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - and I am now a member of the Board of Directors.
If I could grant one wish...
Normal health for my daughter, Demi. To not have to test her blood 6 or 7 times a day, wear an insulin pump 24/7 - except when she is performing in a dance recital or competition, and to not worry about the amount of sugars or carbs in every single piece of food that she eats. THAT would be my wish.