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Carmela Sterling

carmela sterling

Carmela Sterling: Starting to Work-Unplugged
My passions
Family! Shopping... for everything! ART, looking at it, learning about it. I enjoy Dancing to R&B in my kitchen. Listening to live classical music. Dressing up(wearing jewelry) Going out. Staying home. I treasure spending time with my husband, our children and friends. I genuinely have a joyful passion for life and people.
Best vacation
Cayman Island 7 mile beach with my family, it was my first time snorkeling, seeing the amazing blue water,come to life with sea turtles and stunning colorful fish was unreal!
Dream vacation
I'd like to spend a summer in Italy in an old quiet village with my family, feel the culture I was born into ... sipping espresso, eating fresh homemade breads and pastas and drink homemade wine, and sit and talk ....all day!
My pets
We do not have a pet at this time, however I love animals!
Fondest pet memory
We lived on a lake for a number of years and had lots of wildlife to enjoy in their natural habitat, but one day a pigeon claimed our front porch as his new hangout! He was certainly friendly so much so I fed him and named him Danny... he was wearing a band around his leg, the ID led us to his rightful owner who told us we just inherited an expensive highly prized racing pigeon! Danny was on his way home from a race that span from Oklahoma to Wisconsin! If a racing pigeon stops to eat and you feed him, they claim you as their new family! Smart Bird!
Hobbies - How I decompress
There is something relaxing about looking at homes and home decor online for me. I like to think about how to create spaces that would be inviting and have a purpose. I love having company, hosting gatherings and serving in my home ! I've become a fan of tea and serving it in pretty cups is especially fun when my daughters are home, it's kind of funny and reminiscent of the doll tea parties they would have as kids.
Favorite book
I recently finished reading the Bible in a year.
If I could have dinner with anyone…
Over the years I have been fortunate to meet, shop and dine with famous celebrities. A few of my favorite memories, sharing a plate of spaghetti with Frankie Avalon, a dressing room with Jane Seymour, golfing with the Baldwin brothers, pitching a baseball to Hank Aaron, selling a keyboard with Quincy Jones, and my most favorite of all time talking Art with Anthony Quinn!
My favorite quote
''Attitude of Gratitude'' ( more of a personal statement that I try to put into practice everyday)
If I’m ever on the Red Carpet, I’ll wear...
Valentino because the designs are class and elegance with trend setting elements in fabulous fabrics!
My greatest challenge
In a funny and honest way moving from Philly to Florida was a daunting adjustment and then transplanting from Florida to Minnesota was and in the winter still can be truly daunting!!!
If I could grant one wish...
If I had the power to grant a wish come true it would be for my son PJ... to have the gift of clear intelligible speech. PJ has down syndrome which means he was gifted an extra chromosome. However, his speech is affected—he is unintelligible to many.