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Anne Lynch

anne lynch

Anne Lynch: Hosting-Unplugged
My passions
Spending time with friends and family, traveling to new places.
Best vacation
My best vacation is a tie between Italy and a service trip to Honduras with my daughter.
Dream vacation
I’d love to visit the national parks.The natural beauty (I’ve only seen photos) is breathtaking.
My pets
Two very spoiled dogs that are a big part of our family
Favorite pet memory
The memory that comes to mind was a time that was both heartbreaking and beautiful. Rusty, my oldest dog, curled into my mom’s body and gave her such comfort in her final days.
Hobbies - How I decompress
I love to hike and cross country ski with friends and visit the dog park. I love boating and enjoying long days on the Minnesota lakes in the summer. I love to read and I’m a bit addicted to “Words With Friends”. I love traveling to new places, and planning the trips is half the fun.
Favorite book
Anything by Ken Follett (historical fiction is my favorite).
Favorite movie
Any musical movie - Grease, Hairspray, Chicago, Les Miserables . . . I love them all.
If I could have dinner with anyone…
Jimmy Fallon — imagine the stories he could tell of the people he has met and interviewed. I’m sure it would be a dinner with lots of laughs!
Favorite quote
Be kind always.
If I’m ever on the Red Carpet, I’ll wear...
Designer? I’m afraid I’m pretty inept here. I would happily put myself in any designers hands.
My greatest challenge
I feared the Honduras trip as the city we flew into was described as “the most dangerous on earth”. My daughter was the one that pushed me to go, as I found every reason not to. In the end, despite my reservations, I said yes. The experiences I had there were challenging physically and emotionally, and also peaceful and loving. I had to dig deep to find what I could do, and ended up experiencing the trip of a lifetime.
If I could grant one wish...
If I could have one wish, it would be for peace everywhere.