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Gel Overlay Comfort Bed Pillow by BioPEDIC


Gel Overlay Comfort Bed Pillow

Item # H00454
Retail Price: $69.99
THE Price:  $49.99
Shipping & returns are always free!
Shipping & returns are always free!

Gel Overlay Comfort Bed Pillow by BioPEDIC


Typical memory foam bedding can trap heat, leaving you stuffy and unable to get a good night's sleep. But BioPEDIC releases that heat with the help of a remarkable cooling gel overlay. The Comfort Pillow design conforms to the contours of your spine, with a high side and a low side to accommodate back sleepers and side sleepers alike.

The circular knit fiber cover not only protects the pillow, but breathes to allow for even more cooling. You'll want to take this pillow everywhere with you.

Lisa Mason and Kathy Walsh give you a sneak peak inside this awesome pillow in our video.

Additional Information

SKU 64057

Therapeutic open cell, pressure-relieving, memory foam

Cooling Gel Overlay

Integrated iCOOL technology system

Super-soft, luxury circular knit fabric cover

14 x 22 x 4.5


Do not wash. Do not bleach. Do not tumber dry. Do not iron. Spot clean with mild detergent.