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Royal Rose Refine & Calm Night Cream by Bella Schneider Beauty

Bella Schneider Beauty

Royal Rose Refine & Calm Night Cream

Item # B00136
Retail Price: $75.00
THE Price:  $65.00
Shipping & returns are always free!
Shipping & returns are always free!

Royal Rose Refine & Calm Night Cream by Bella Schneider Beauty


Believe it or not, sometimes the best things in life come while we sleep, like skin regeneration. Bella Schneider Beauty offers the perfect product to help tat regeneration along with their Royal Rose refine and calm night cream. Not only does this night cream rejuvenate and rehydrate, but it's specially formulated to soothe sensitive skin after exfoliation.

Fruit and flower extracts add to both the healing properties and the pleasant fragrance of this magnificent product. It goes on silky smooth and evenly for maximum coverage and facial benefits.

Shawn Diddy wonderfully describes the potent texture, while Belle explains why the treatment is so beneficial.

Additional Information

SKU 806746000621
Cleanser No
Moisturizer No
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1.9 oz

Good for all skin types

Promotes skin renewal while you sleep

Regenerates, smoothes fine lines, and deeply hydrates with anti-oxidizing Vitis Vinifera cell extract, rich Shea Butter, and refreshing melon

Nourishes, enhances skin vitality, and provides skin with added youthfulness with regular use.