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CopperPedic Skin Revitalizing Gift Sleep Set


Skin Revitalizing Gift Set

Item # H00455
Retail Price: $79.99
THE Price:  $69.99
Shipping & returns are always free!
Shipping & returns are always free!

CopperPedic Skin Revitalizing Gift Sleep Set


As we age, we begin to realize that skin irregularities aren’t so irregular anymore. But all we have to do is look into nature to find that anti-aging solution we’ve been searching for in chemicals for years. Copper has been found to promote collagen in your skin, which helps reduce the effects of aging, which is what makes CopperPedic skin revitalizing gift set so handy. Copper infused fabric against your face and hands at night is just what prescribes.

Additional Information

SKU 36808

Reduces Signs of Aging

Diminishes Wrinkles

Minimizes Fine Lines

Naturally Derived Minerals


Permanent Performance for the life of the product

Clinically Proven

***Do no wash with fabric softeners***