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ROC Black Platinum Headphones by Monster Monster ROC Black Platinum Headphones

Monster Headphones

ROC Black Platinum Headphones

Item # E00164
Retail Price: $329.95
THE Price:  $299.95
Shipping & returns are always free!
Shipping & returns are always free!

Premium Audiophile ROC Black Platinum Headphones


If you're a true audiophile, you know the importance of balanced frequency response in headphones. Too much or too little of any one frequency range results in a lesser listening experience. Monster not only understands this, but designed their ROC Sport Black Platinum over-ear headphones with this in mind. Every nuance captured in the studio will be reproduced every time you don these beauties.

If wireless listening is your thing, you can disconnect and use the built-in Apt-X Bluetooth® wireless feature with high-intelligibility microphone for crystal clear calls.

Additional Information

SKU 137044-00

Apt-X Bluetooth for top wireless quality

DJ-style swiveling ear cups

Long-wearing, comfortable ear cups

Dual mode listening: both wired and wireless

Built-in-high intelligibility microphone for hands free crystal clear calls

Total noise isolation

Universal cable for android, tablets and other devices