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Goose Girl Hummel Porcelain Figurine


Goose Girl

Item # H00248
Retail Price: $230.00
THE Price:  $200.00
Shipping & returns are always free!
Shipping & returns are always free!

Goose Girl Porcelain Figurine by Hummel


A very popular piece first modeled by mast sculptor Arthur Moeller in 1936, the Goose Girl Hummel figurine is probably the most famous among collectors and non-collectors alike. Interestingly, for a model that dates back practically to day one and in three sizes, there are no variations significant enough to have an effect on collector value. The occurrence of the decimal designator might have a slight influence with some collectors, but not a great degree of significance.

Additional Information

SKU 1000102

4 in. tall

Porcelain figurine

Hand painted

Made in Germany

Individually signed and stamped