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Little Gardener Hummel Figurine


Little Gardener

Item # H00286
Retail Price: $175.00
THE Price:  $160.00
Shipping & returns are always free!
Shipping & returns are always free!

Little Gardener Porcelain Figurine by Hummel


This Hummel figurine portrays a little girl who is trying to get her flowers to grow with some sunshine and water. She is carefully using her watering can to sprinkle water on a yellow blossom at her feet. Master sculptor Reinhold Unger created the Little Gardener Hummel figurine in 1937.

This figurine has been found with both oval and round bases and with a dark green dress rather than the current lighter-colored yellowish one. Variations of the flower have no effect on the value. In the spring of 1992 this figurine was removed from production for two years and returned after a promotional period. The current Little Gardener is stamped with a trademark 10 backstamp.

Additional Information

SKU 1000249

4.25 in. tall

Porcelain figurine

Hand painted

Made in Germany

Individually signed and stamped