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The Little Banker Porcelain Figurine by Hummel


The Little Banker

Item # H00262
Retail Price: $250.00
THE Price:  $220.00
Shipping & returns are always free!
Shipping & returns are always free!

The Little Banker Porcelain Figurine by Hummel


When you buy a Hummel collectible, you are buying and preserving a piece of history. Like all other Hummel figurines, The Little Banker is a handcrafted, three dimensional representation of one of M.I. Hummel's own drawings.

Meticulously manufactured by Goebel Company in Rodental, Germany, weeks are spent forging and hand painting each tiny statue. But only the master painters, who are tasked with painting the lips and eyes, are allowed to place their signature on the final product. A mark of authenticity and high standard.

Additional Information

SKU 1000155

4 3/4 inches Tall


Hand Painted

Individually Signed, Numbered and Stamped