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Nero Tiffany Table lamp by Dale Tiffany

Dale Tiffany

Nero Tiffany Table Lamp

Item # H00199
Retail Price: $345.00
THE Price:  $229.00
Shipping & returns are always free!
Shipping & returns are always free!

Nero Tiffany Table Lamp by Dale Tiffany


Curved slate panels of ambers and creamy art glass are arranged in perfect harmony in the conical shade of the Nero Table Lamp. A warm a fluid addition to the coziest room of your home.  Vertical stacks of amber glass jewels around the shade’s circumference combined with an alternating band of elongated oval and square panels of dark amber give Nero a sense of golden liquefied movement when the lamp is illuminated.

U-shaped iron rods flare outward around the center support to create a unique base that completes Nero's flowing appearance. A burnished beauty in any décor, Nero’s flowing style will grace your décor for many years to come.

Additional Information

SKU 020258122781

Size: 16 x 23.5 inches

Shade: Art glass

Material: Polmet

Base finish: Dark bronze