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Remora Art Glass Bowl by Dale Tiffany

Dale Tiffany

Remora Art Glass Bowl

Item # H00204
Retail Price: $70.00
THE Price:  $59.00
Shipping & returns are always free!
Shipping & returns are always free!

Remora Hand-bown Art Glass Bowl


Fans of ocean life will marvel at the Remora Bowl and its subtle hint at underwater life. This cascade of fanned color and silvery ribbons is a fantastic addition to any table or counter surface in your home or office. Used as either a display vessel or as a stand-alone masterpiece, you'll delight in the versatility of the Remora Bowl.

This favrile art glass piece features splashes of vivid colors arranged in a unique manner that creates the impression of a coral reef, or even a display of ripe fruit.  The interpretations are endless, which is exactly what makes it such an exquisite conversation starter for your social events.

Additional Information

SKU 020258121821

Hand blown

Favrile art glass

13.5-in x 5.75-in

Care instructions: Wipe clean with cloth