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Remora Art Glass Bowl by Dale Tiffany

Dale Tiffany

Remora Art Glass Bowl

Item # H00204
Retail Price:  $70.00
THE Price: $59.00
Sale  $47.20
Shipping & returns are always free!
Shipping & returns are always free!

Remora Hand-bown Art Glass Bowl


Fans of ocean life will marvel at the Remora Bowl and its subtle hint at underwater life. This cascade of fanned color and silvery ribbons is a fantastic addition to any table or counter surface in your home or office. Used as either a display vessel or as a stand-alone masterpiece, you'll delight in the versatility of the Remora Bowl.

This favrile art glass piece features splashes of vivid colors arranged in a unique manner that creates the impression of a coral reef, or even a display of ripe fruit.  The interpretations are endless, which is exactly what makes it such an exquisite conversation starter for your social events.

Hand blown

Favrile art glass

13.5-in x 5.75-in

Care instructions: Wipe clean with cloth